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How to Schedule and Conduct Compliant Scientific Discussions with HCPs in Today’s Remote-Access Landscape

Cultivating and preserving relationships with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) in a post-COVID environment

Pharma continues to evolve in the way Medical Affairs engages with external stakeholders, primarily HCPs and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

Pre-pandemic, it wasn’t unusual for field-based medical professionals (particularly MSLs) to be traveling up to 75% of the time. Then came COVID-19, which only accelerated many of the changes that would have inevitably occurred for Pharma.

The field medical landscape is constantly evolving, and the future of its operations and the full return to regular face-to-face interaction remains uncertain. With travel still somewhat restricted and in-person conferences largely suspended, HCPs remain less accessible than they were in a pre-COVID world.

The way Pharma’s Medical Affairs teams engage will continue to evolve to meet present circumstances.  As of this writing in 2021, remote interactions are likely to be the dominant communication method for some time to come. Going forward, medical professionals should maintain best practices in preparing for face-to-face interactions while perfecting the new blended engagement strategies they had to adopt at the onset of the pandemic.

This article details best practices on how to schedule and conduct compliant scientific discussions with HCPs in today's remote access landscape, using the MSL by way of example. 

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