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Untapped Opportunities for Oncology Medical Affairs

Striving for better access and more equitable cancer care in communities nationwide

Pharmaceutical companies’ traditional medical education model relies on prominent researchers and publishers in the oncology space, otherwise known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), to spread information about the newest therapies. There remain, however, significant untapped opportunities for oncology medical affairs to penetrate communities and reach more practitioners nationwide.

Medical Science Liaisons that currently focus their efforts on traditional KOLs may be able to expand their reach by also targeting newly rising Digital Opinion Leaders, who spread information to many through new online channels. Further, increasing Community Science Liaison utilization to reach and educate community oncologists will allow manufacturers to tap into the patient-centric space where 85% of cancer care actually occurs.

Following these routes to bolster oncological medical affairs will not only increase the uptake of novel and life-extending cancer therapies but address current inequities in the oncology space. Read on to learn how.

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